Garden Design & landscaping The Cotswolds

Garden Design & Landscaping The Cotswolds

Apple Tree Terraces

The Brief

To convert this Cotswolds garden into a more usable space whilst maintaining the established apple trees and making it possible to enjoy their harvest.


The garden was very steeply sloping, making it challenging for the client to use in any real, enjoyable way. The apples also kept rolling down the hill making it impossible to harvest. We needed to protect the roots of the apple trees whilst making changes which was not at all straightforward as they had very established and extensive root systems.


We terraced the garden using oak sleepers vertically cut and banded together to create attractive curved retaining walls. We created 2 beautiful terraces, each housing one of the apple trees. The apple trees were protected during the creation of the terraces by gently teasing out the roots on the upper sides of the trees before removing the soil. The roots were then covered with hessian cloth and gravel, to allow the roots to breath whilst adjusting to the new soil levels.


The curves of the terraces worked beautifully to create a flow throughout the garden, separating and linking the different parts, making it easy to maintain and easy to enjoy. The client was really moved by the result. Having felt she hadn’t been able to really use the space before, the garden was now opened up to her and she was able to connect with the space and finally easily harvest her apples!

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