Blenheim Palace Flower Show 2019 (Silver Gilt Award)

Garden Design & Landscaping Blenheim, Oxfordshire

A Garden Sanctuary, Blenheim Palace Flower Show 2019, Silver Gilt Award

The Brief

This year’s theme for the Show Gardens at Blenheim Palace Flower Show was ‘Regeneration’.

The Solution

We designed and made a garden sanctuary to regenerate nature and women. The space was designed along solstice lines and planted with herbs beneficial to women during childbearing years. Other plants used were chosen to encourage bees, wildlife and to enrich the soil.


In the centre of the space we placed a circular reflective pond, which used our method of self cleaning by overflowing into a planted wet land, this also meant that the gentle flow of water could be heard within the garden and created a good hiding space for wildlife to reach the water undisturbed. The whole garden was framed by a wooden circle made of poplar which we had locally sourced (only 3 miles away!) and hand split the week before. The entrance to the garden was created by the wood being cut into an archway.


A beautiful elm bench, designed and made for the show by carpenter Owen McCole of Cavan & Grace, was placed opposite the arch way on the other side of the pond. The pathways circled around the pond from the entrance to the bench, with planting on either side. Sitting on the bench opposite the archway you could see the reflection in the pond of whoever else entered the garden, relaxing and enjoying the bees and dragonflies and the sound of the moving water.


Many people commented on how calming and peaceful a space it was, and we are very proud to have been awarded the Silver Gilt Award for our garden design.


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We are currently in discussion with a local school about taking the garden but nothing is confirmed so please do get in touch if you are interested in buying this garden.

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