Eco-Friendly Pond, Longworth, Oxfordshire

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Eco-Friendly Pond

eco-friendly pond, Longworth, Oxfordshire - Gaiaveda Gardens

The Brief

To create a really beautiful eco-friendly pond, with the gentle sounds of moving water, for the client to sit by and reflect.


This was a fairly straightforward site to work with. The main challenge we had was how to fill the pond, as the roof for rainwater harvesting was far away and was lower than the pond.

eco-friendly pond, Longworth, Oxfordshire - Gaiaveda Gardens


We created a lined pond with 2 different depths. In the shallows we put Matt’s filtration system, planting it up with marginal plants for cleaning and oxygenating the water naturally.

We dressed the pond with cotswold walling stone, which the client had on site left over from the garden walls.

We included a waterfall which gently circulated the water, creating soothing sounds and further oxygenating the pond. We planted around the waterfall and shallows of the pond allowing free movement between water and land for wildlife. To resolve the issue of filling the pond we were able to take water off the roof of the neighbours property.

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