We are a family run business working with gardens in Oxfordshire for over 15 years. We were originally based in East Oxford but have been living and working in West Oxfordshire for the past 3 years. We work throughout Oxfordshire and the border of Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds. Our background is in garden ecology, permaculture, and herbal medicine.


Our mission is to restore people's gardens into healthy spaces for both them and the natural environment. We believe that gardens, whatever their size, can be both beautiful and fulfilling for the client as well as good for wildlife, they can enhance one another rather than be seen as mutually exclusive.

Gaiaveda Meaning

Our name is very important in expressing our intention and vision for designing gardens. We created the name Gaiaveda from the greek word 'Gaia' meaning Earth and the Sanskrit word 'Veda' meaning Knowledge - combined it is 'Earth Knowledge'. We believe that a deeper knowledge of the earth will help guide us in the best ways to restore and protect it, to become its guardians, and what better place to start than in our own back gardens!


The name came about as a result of combining our studies of the earth through ecology and permaculture with our knowledge of Ayurvedic Healing (Indian system of natural medicine using food and herbs). Our earth conscious vision for gardening extends to all elements of our business: we do not use any chemicals and we use reclaimed or recycled materials whenever appropriate.

Our Team

Gaiaveda Gardens has a great team because we all care so much about what we do. Every member of our team is dedicated to our vision of designing beautiful sustainable gardens. We are all very friendly, approachable and always respectful of being in someone else's home. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer relationships.

Our team has a great combined set of skills, ranging from stone masonry, digger driving, soil knowledge, garden design, pond creation, hard landscaping and excellent plant knowledge.


Matt Morton ~ Lead gardener

Matt has worked with top gardeners in Oxford, London and even Sydney. He has developed his own methods for working with gardens to optimise ecological sustainability and potential for hosting wildlife. Matt has a BSc in Ecology and Sustainable Habitations and has studied Permaculture with Bill Mollison in Australia. Matt has worked as a gardener for over 20 years and is highly proficient in all areas of gardening, hard and soft landscaping, excellent plant knowledge and design. He is constantly working to find new ways of creating more environmentally friendly gardens which are also beautifully designed with the individuals needs in mind. Matt has also taught Permaculture courses, with a focus on creating urban growing spaces, even in the smallest of back garden.


Anna Morton ~ Operations Manager

Anna has a background in administration, law and Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition. Anna is the main office contact, communicating with clients regarding enquiries, estimates, and scheduling. Anna can also provide Ayurvedic consultations in order to tailor the garden more specifically to your personal needs and wellbeing.

Our Team of freelance gardeners

Gaiaveda Gardens Team - Garden Design and Landscaping - Oxfordshire and Cotswolds
  • Bruce Hegerty
  • Steve McLoughlin
  • Edmund Faria
  • Owen McCole (Carpenter)
  • Karol Baran
  • Stuart Prower
  • David Hudd (Stone Mason) www.structura.uk.com
  • Joshua Shillingford
  • Bruce Hegerty
  • Steve McLoughlin
  • Edmund Faria
  • Owen McCole (Carpenter)

Job Vacancies

We are always looking for people interested in our ethos to join our team of freelance gardeners. We offer part-time, occasional work. If you have any amount of gardening experience and an interest in the natural environment please do get in touch.

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