Ponds & Water Features

If you are looking to add a new pond into your garden we will advise on the best positioning, size and type of pond. We make ponds of all sizes, from in a bath-tub to natural swimming pond and everything in between! We also offer restoration of existing ponds, which generally involves cleaning and adding a natural filtration system based around a specialist planting system.

Eco-Friendly Pond, Longworth, Oxfordshire

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Ponds

Our aim when creating a pond is that it will mainly look after itself, with a minimum amount of energy needed (human or electric). For the majority of our ponds, wherever possible, we achieve this by using a natural system of filtration and oxygenation which we have developed ourselves to aid our clients ponds in establishing their own ecosystem, attracting and sustaining local wildlife.


This eco-friendly solution is achieved by filtering through a gravel bed combined with oxygenating plants, keeping the pond clean, alongside a solar powered pump which creates a gentle movement of the water.


Unlike some other filtration systems, ours is very wildlife friendly because there are no moving parts which could damage invertebrates or amphibians, no chemicals and it uses very little electricity as it can be generally powered by solar panels.


Integral to these types of pond designs are access for wildlife, so they can easily move in and out of the water. We only use fresh rainwater to fill the ponds we make, as the chemicals in tap water harm wildlife and promote algae growth.

Some of Our Ponds

Some of our favourite ponds that we have created in Oxfordshire and The Cotswolds.

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