Garden Design

We start every garden design process whatever its scale with a site visit. This visit will include a conversation with you, the client, whilst taking stock of the current state of the garden, looking at special features, current conditions, what is working in the space already and what needs remedying. This will allow us to ascertain what you would like and how we can achieve that in the space available. We'll discuss concept design and if requested and/or required, we can provide a drawn up design.

Our Design method

When designing gardens we follow the principles set out by Permaculture, the sustainable design system of planting and producing rich ecosystems which support us and nature. This means that we really take time to observe your specific garden, to work out what it needs and what would work well in it.


We look at your garden’s aspect, establishing how the passage of the sun creates light and shade throughout the day and throughout the year; we look at the soil, it’s moisture and nutrient levels; we look at how exposed the garden is to sun, rain and weathering generally; what plants are already growing and their health so we can assess the ecosystem, this includes existing weed varieties as they are the best indicators of what wants to grow in your garden.


Then from our conversations with you, we will ascertain what it is you want from your outdoor space and advise you on what the garden itself is able to offer you, based on our study and observations of it's existing features.

A Garden for Your Wellbeing

If you wish to engage in a more in depth conversation about your lifestyle, your wellbeing and health, we are able to incorporate the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition, to design a garden space ideal for your personality to provide you with herbs and a vegetable garden which can feed you what you need for optimum health and happiness!

A Garden Sanctuary, Blenheim Palace Flower Show 2019 (Silver Gilt Award)

We designed and made a garden sanctuary to regenerate nature and women. The space was designed along solstice lines and planted with herbs beneficial to women during childbearing years. Other plants used were chosen to encourage bees, wildlife and to enrich the soil.

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