Seasonal Garden Maintenance

At Gaiaveda Gardens, we believe in paying close attention to the seasons when approaching the ongoing maintenance of your garden. We will make a seasonal care plan which includes a prescription for what needs to be done in your garden every 6 weeks.


We are also available to do garden clearances and in keeping with our ethos will do a thorough job, creating a cleared and tidy space, whilst protecting the wildlife and ecosystems already established in your garden.

Our Seasonal Care Plan

Our 6 weekly care plan roughly follows the main seasonal changes by looking to the seasonal wheel of the year and the old festivals of the land.


As each of these festivals is based on the changing seasons and the changing patterns of the sun, using them as our base for planning the maintenance of your garden works really well for keeping it in its optimal state of wellbeing.


Imbolc: 1 Feb early spring, the land awakens.

Spring Equinox: 21 March, the depths of Spring, the land is ready for planting.

Beltane: 1 May, summer begins, the flowers are blooming.

Summer Solstice: 21 June, the depths of summer, the sun is high.

Lughnasadh: 1 August, early autumn, preparation for harvest.

Autumn equinox: 21 September, the depths of Autumn, time of harvest and abundance.

Samhain: 31 October, winter begins, the land is quietening.

Winter Solstice: 21 December, the depths of winter, the land sleeps, but beneath the surface it is beginning to awaken as the light shifts ready to complete the cycle again.


We can visit your garden more often than every 6 weeks if you require but this is how we base our maintenance plan, discussing potential projects with you for each season.

Garden Maintenance, Bampton, Oxfordshire

We work with our clients in Bampton to maintain and develop their gardens well established herbaceous borders, planning to ensure that there are areas of interest all through the growing season, with evergreen structure throughout the winter and bountiful scent and colour throughout the summer.

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