Through our expert knowledge of plants and the growing conditions in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, we are able to put together a planting plan tailored specifically to you and your garden.

Having assessed the soil and the aspect of your garden in our initial consultation, we choose the right plants for your space, taking into account your tastes and different flowering times, as well as providing food for bees and other pollinators.

We take on all types of planting, from bulbs through to large hedgerows and trees. We are also more than happy to come in and plant what you have chosen with another designer or garden centre; we often do this, working particularly closely with Bampton Garden Plants, where we source the majority of our plants. 

flowers and fence

Our Planting Method

When designing a planting scheme for your garden we apply permaculture principles, looking at the different zones of your garden and where different plants are not only best placed for their nature, resulting in less maintenance requirements, but also where they are best placed for your experience of the garden, for example, planting a tree so you can enjoy the relief of it’s shade whilst admiring a particularly beautiful view of your garden, or planting herbs near the kitchen so they can easily be picked for adding to meals and making teas.


Vegetable & Herb Gardens

We are also able to design and plant vegetable and herb gardens. We particularly love making herb spirals, which are amazing for allowing you a wider variety of herbs when space is more limited. The Spiral is higher at the centre and so each layer of the spiral creates a different micro climate with different amounts of light, shade and moisture.


For a vegetable garden we can start you off and give you guidance for growing your own food, even in a smaller area it is possible to produce some of your own food. Raised beds are often a great way for starting out with vegetable growing, and we have excellent compost and top soil suppliers to fill them up and get you going, as well as suppliers of high quality, untreated timber for making the beds. We will always consider individually which herbs and vegetables to grow in your garden, looking at your tastes and needs.

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