Ayurvedic Permaculture Garden, Finstock, Oxfordshire

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Ayurvedic Permaculture Garden

The Brief

To design and plant a garden following permaculture principles, planting a food and herb garden for health and wellbeing following an Ayurvedic assessment.


The client had done a course in permaculture and had been for an ayurvedic health assessment in India and had contacted us specifically to come and design and plant a garden for him. The garden was a front garden, central to the village, so he wished for it to act as an example permaculture garden in the village and be available for the community to get involved.


The main planting features were a herb spiral, made of cotswold stone, planted with a succession of culinary herbs; and the poly-pod which we wove out of willow and planted with salads and fast growing vegetables, set up with it’s own irrigation system.


We also made an eco-friendly pond planted with marginal plants, shallow plants and deep water plants for natural cleaning.


We planted bamboo to create screening and to provide material for making growing frames for the garden.


In addition, we laid a camomile lawn in the back garden to be harvested for chamomile tea and to enrich the soil, as it is a good source of nitrogen.

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